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Below are the most commonly asked questions that I get from patients who come to me for cosmetic medical treatments. If you have a specific question you want answered please call 1300735584 or email your question and we will get back to you promptly.


Why Should I Be Having Cosmetic Treatments?


Today many people look for cosmetic treatments as a way to make themselves feel better about them. Your looks can have a very dramatic effect about how you feel about your self both professionally and socially. Maintaining your looks as you age is a positive step to being happy, confident and having a fulfilled life.


What Type of People Are Having Cosmetic Treatments?


Most of your patients are now coming to see us for cosmetic treatments at a earlier age then 5 years ago. This is because they are looking at cosmetic treatments such as muscle relaxing injections and dermal filler injections as a preventative treatment. They are saying that that have seen their mother age and don't want to follow suite. Also they see their treatments as a way of enhancing their self-confidence.


Will Treatments Dramatically Change My Appearance?


In office Non Surgical Cosmetic medical procedures are NOT aimed at creating dramatic changes to your appearance. In Fact most patients don't want this anyway. We believe in individualizing every patient treatment so that you will get only want you desire to create subtle yet refreshing changes to your appearance.


How Much Downtime Do Cosmetic Treatments Involve?


Most treatments now have very limited "Down-Time". Infact in over 70% of the treatments we carry out patients can return to normal activities within 30 minutes. Treatments such as muscle relaxing injections and Dermal filler injections are examples where there is virtually no down time. This is why such treatments are increasingly being labeled "LUNCH TIME" treatments.


What Preparation Is Involved Before Having Treatment?


In general very little preparation is required by you to undergo cosmetic treatments. For some patients who are particularly anxious you can come in one hour prior to your treatment and we apply special anaesthetic cream to help take away the discomfort. In some cases we also administer laughing gas like anaesthesia and in these cases you cannot drive home. For specific instructions please call us on 1300 735 584 or email your questions


Let Dr Patel's experience in this field be your choice. We really do offer you discrete reliable and a very professional cosmetic service.

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