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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-Wrinkle Injections


How anti-wrinkle injections work?

Anti-wrinkle injections block the chemical signal that the brain send to the muscle telling the muscle to contract.

What areas can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections?

The most common treatment areas for wrinkle reduction are crow's feet, glabella, frown lines, bunny lines and forehead. The doctor is an experienced practitioner who treats even the most complex areas. Injections can even be used to treat excessive sweating and jaw grinding,

How long do anti-wrinkle injections last?

Anti-wrinkle injections usually last up to 3 to 4 months depending on the individual. If done regularly then they last longer as the muscles progressively respond to treatment. If you stop the injections then your wrinkles and muscles will return to normal.

How long do anti-wrinkle injections take to work?

Anti-wrinkle injections start to work 2 to 3 days after the injection and reach their full effect within 7 to 14 days.


  • Avoid blood-thinning medication such as aspirin, ibuprofen and fish oil, one week prior to treatment.

  • Advise your clinician if you:

    • have an auto-immune disorder​

    • under warfarin or heparin treatment

    • have a severe metabolic or systemic disorder

    • have active sunburn, eczema or psoriasis

    • are currently taking aminoglycoside antibiotics

    • pregnant or breastfeeding


  • can resume normal activities straight away

  • avoid touching the injection sites for 4 hours

  • avoid 'facing-down' or local pressure treatments (e.g. massage, facials, motorbike helmets, swimming goggles) for 12 hours

  • avoid exercise and heat (e.g. saunas, steam rooms) for 24 hours

  • avoid any chemical peels and needling

  • maximize facial activity for half an hour (such as frowning, raising your eyebrows and squinting)

  • avoid lying down horizontal for 4 hours

  • do not have facial treatments, rub or massage the treated area

  • take paracetamol as needed

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