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Gummy Smiles


Showing "too much gum" when smiling is often most noticed when people look at photos of themselves.

​Our gummy smile treatment involves muscle relaxant injections to lower the top lip when smiling....So Simple and So Effective!

This will make a significant difference to your smile and bring back your confidence when smiling.

It is a simple walk in walk out procedure that only takes 5 minutes and the results last between 4 to 5 months. Since it is a true "lunch time" procedure you can resume your normal activities straight away.

Gummy smile treatment is an extremely safe treatment without any permanent side effects. After the injections you may have small mosquito sized marks but these disappear within 10 minutes and there may be some redness. Very rarely you may get a small bruise.


chatswood|cosmetic|gummy smile|smile makeover|lips|plastic surgeon
chatswood|cosmetic|gummy smile|smile makeover|lips|plastic surgeon
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