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Frown Lines

Frown Lines are also called glabella lines,verticle lines,eleven(11) lines or cranky lines. Frown lines are due to a complex combined contraction of several muscles between the eyebrows. The muscles involved are the corrugators and the procerus. When these muscles contract repeatedly over time, frown lines become a permanent feature of the face even when the person does not want to show that emotion

So such patients commonly complain that other people ask them "why are they angry?"

"What’s wrong, why are you worried"

"Are you upset with me"

Frown lines are the single most commonly requested cosmetic procedure and involves the use of muscle relaxing injections.

Rarely some people's muscle contract so strongly that we use dermal fillers to help achieve the desired result.

The results are long lasting and if the treatment is kept up regularly the creases in this area can be reversed. The injections literally take less then 5 minutes to perform and there is no down time at all.



Frown Lines


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